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And, earn cash back by inviting a Beauty CPA to provide 6-figure wealth coaching to like-minded beauty scholars inside of your community of legacy-inspired millionaires!

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Beauty Coaches,
So, You Want Your Scholars to Keep The 7-Figures You Help Them Earn?





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Your promise as a beauty coach is to help your beauty scholars make bulk money, fast!

However, the unwritten rule is for you to also take the responsibility to help them KEEP it

But, you don't have to do it alone!

Leave the profit planning and tax reduction strategy to CPA experts that have a culmination of Finance, Accounting, and Business expertise!

Let's transform the beauty industry together to help Beauty Babes ...

Activate Wealth. Slash Taxes. Preserve Legacy.



Expert Guidance: Learn a tried and true framework to help you better articulate financial goals inside of your beauty community 


Coaching Retention: With collaboration, you now become the one-stop-shop of making and saving a whole lot of money.

Tax Secrets: Let the CPA and Accounting experts talk tax savings. With much respect, this is our lane! 

You're not alone in your fight to change the trajectory of the Beauty Scholars around you.


If you are a beauty coach for any modality in the Beauty and Wellness Industry, then look no further for


But wait, there's more!


Don't keep this information to yourself, invite your community to learn straight from the source and earn 10% for each scholar that signs up!

If your focus is to help Beauty Founders scale ...

Then, let us help you, help them, activate wealth!

Here's What's Included in Our

Briendly™ For Coaches Partnership

Help your community develop the necessary money skills to reach their fullest wealth potential in business and real life ... across all 50 states in the United States!

Become a Briendly™ 
Coach Today!

Hey there, Beauty Coach!


We know the hustle is real, but don't worry, we've got your back. While you're spreading the word about 7-figure dreams, we'll make sure you're keeping those hard-earned 6-figures safe and sound!


As Beauty Bosses, money can slip through our fingers faster than sand on a beach. And let's be real, even though we're total bosses, accounting is NOT easy.


That's where we come in! Our team of Beauty and Wellness Accountants is here to make sure your community's finances are in tip-top shape.


We care about your community’s success just as much as you do, so you can trust us to keep your Beauty Scholars on track!


No need to stress, we've got this!


    Tous les 3 mois
    +2 497 $US Speaker Engagement Fee
    Perfect for Business Coaches for agencies ready to transform agency owners into legacy builders!
    • Unrestricted access to course catalog in a self-paced format
    • 2 Sessions of CPA Instruction for Your Scholar Community
    • 10 FREE Tickets For 1 Spanancial Wellness™ Retreat
    • 25% off a-la-cart resources for community (must use code)
    • 10% net cash back (rules apply) for passes sold

***No refunds for subscriptions as immediate access is granted***

  • Does DigiSuite Council® offer payment plans?
    Yes, on all fronts until we move to a quarterly subscription model. Until, then .. Sezzle and Affirm are both available to pay in 4!
  • Is DigiSuite Council® and Briendly™ Right for me: Can I enroll if I've been business for more than 1 year?
    While the CEO Finance School is catering to start-up Beauty Founders, it does not mean that your are prohibited from joining if you've been in business for more than one year. DigiSuite Council® is right for beauty founders that have been in business for less than 5 years and have not had a pleasure of working with an Accountant or CPA yet. It's also created for the Beauty Founder that has not reached $100,000 in profit.
  • What's the difference between DigiSuite Council® and Briendly™?
    DigiSuite Council® is the school where we deliver unlimited access to a digital suite of resources through Briendly™ - The learning platform. The curriculum is three-fold which contains courses where you can either pay for a subscription for unlimited access, rent out specific modules, and obtain access to a community or specific tutoring sessions.
  • Is my one-time investment or service fee refundable?
    No. We are on the brink of something HUGE! Your start-up gives you immediate access to - CPA-level consultations - Quarterly Townhalls - Business Foundation Training through our step-by-step course for you to DIY your S-Corp the right way.
  • Do you offer discounts if I refer a friend to DigiSuite Council®?
    We are offering a cash back program to Beauty coaches that trust our curriculum! If you have a beauty community of your own, this is your opportunity to bring in CPA-developed content to help your beauty founders boss up to wealth! Explore our Briendly™ For Coaches plan to start earning cash back! Only choose this plan if you have a beauty community focused on up-leveling both top and bottom line numbers without giving most of it away to Uncle Sam!
  • Can I cancel my membership?
    Yes, you can cancel at anytime; however, please note that all benefits cease immediately upon cancelation and there will be no partial refunds given.

Explore Briendly™ Curriculum

Work Desk

Business Structures

DIY Your S-Corp in 3 Hours, Or Less

In a Meeting

Strategic Planning

Dissect the business models required to catapult Beauty Founders to the next level

Loving Mature Couple

Retirement Planning For Business

Evaluate what it would take to fully step away from the business without ever working again

Snag Your All-Access Pass
To Earn Cash Back with
Briendly™, FOREVER?

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