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Learn to do Your Own Accounting as Scholars Not Quite Ready For
CPA Services

Dive into a CPA-Curated Curriculum for Business Founder to activate wealth, slash taxes, or preserve legacy!

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Listen, we get it! We spent 8 year in school so you didn't have too! Our goal is to help you build a financially stable empire to comfortably retire from without breaking the bank. 

That's where Briendly™ comes in. A Business and Budget-Friendly community to give you a tried and true financial regimen framework. 

If you've been wondering how to make a lot of money and pay little tax without having to hide money from the IRS, then you can trust us!

In the end, you want to look good on paper to activate wealth for generations to come!

Business Founders, Do You Want To Learn Business Literacy Concepts to Build a Empire That You Can Retire From?





If your focus is to make a lot of money ...

And legally pay less at tax time, then let's get started!


Expert Guidance: Learn a tried and true framework to help you better articulate financial goals with business and personal bankers.

Better Organization: Learn how to do your own bookkeeping with Accounting and CPA experts that have decades of money management experience.

Improved Accuracy: Minimize your confusion on whether your financial statements are good to go for taxes! 

* Bookkeeping template must be completed and provided by February 15 to prepare timely tax returns

Let's really talk about the elephant in the room. 

We get it, someone might have told you that cash-only is the way to go! But what about when it's time for you to buy that house?

Or, better yet ... obtain business funding to expand your business and impact!

That's where DigiSuite Council® and Briendly™ comes in. We will provide

Jumpstart your financial well-being today and get your taxes done on the house*!

Here's What's Currently Included in

Briendly™ For Business Founders

Develop grit in the areas for Activating Wealth, Slashing Taxes, or Preserving Legacy depending on where you are in your Beauty Business. Access our Wealth Activation package today.

  • BRIENDLY™ 1.0

    Budget-Friendly DIY Platform To Master Your Finances
    • 1 Year End CPA moderated Bookkeeping Session
    • 4 Digital Resources for Tax Season
    • Early, Unlimited Access to all Briendly™ Courses
    • Private Access to Curated Blogs from a Beauty Industry CPA

***No refunds for subscriptions as immediate access is granted***

Become a 
Scholar Today!

After an epic 375 hours of mind-blowing discoveries, we can confidently say that Accounting Services won't rob your piggy bank or ruin your dreams of building a legacy for your biz or loved ones.

Our mission?


To give you the crème de la crème coaching, even if hiring The Money Council® isn't quite on your radar yet.

Taking a leap of faith means trusting us to have your back from the starting line, right through your business's graduation day.

Long story short: we've got you covered whether you are new to business or a Beauty Veteran in the game!

  • Does DigiSuite Council® offer payment plans?
    Yes, on all fronts until we move to a quarterly subscription model. Until, then .. Sezzle and Affirm are both available to pay in 4!
  • Is DigiSuite Council® and Briendly™ Right for me: Can I enroll if I've been business for more than 1 year?
    While the CEO Finance School is catering to start-up Beauty Founders, it does not mean that your are prohibited from joining if you've been in business for more than one year. DigiSuite Council® is right for beauty founders that have been in business for less than 5 years and have not had a pleasure of working with an Accountant or CPA yet. It's also created for the Beauty Founder that has not reached $100,000 in profit.
  • What's the difference between DigiSuite Council® and Briendly™?
    DigiSuite Council® is the school where we deliver unlimited access to a digital suite of resources through Briendly™ - The learning platform. The curriculum is three-fold which contains courses where you can either pay for a subscription for unlimited access, rent out specific modules, and obtain access to a community or specific tutoring sessions.
  • Is my one-time investment or service fee refundable?
    No. We are on the brink of something HUGE! Your start-up gives you immediate access to - CPA-level consultations - Quarterly Townhalls - Business Foundation Training through our step-by-step course for you to DIY your S-Corp the right way.
  • Do you offer discounts if I refer a friend to DigiSuite Council®?
    We are offering a cash back program to Beauty coaches that trust our curriculum! If you have a beauty community of your own, this is your opportunity to bring in CPA-developed content to help your beauty founders boss up to wealth! Explore our Briendly™ For Coaches plan to start earning cash back! Only choose this plan if you have a beauty community focused on up-leveling both top and bottom line numbers without giving most of it away to Uncle Sam!
  • Can I cancel my membership?
    Yes, you can cancel at anytime; however, please note that all benefits cease immediately upon cancelation and there will be no partial refunds given.

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