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Wealthmas List, Gift 3: Why a Corporate Leased Address is Essential for New Service Entrepreneurs

Congratulations, you're thinking about starting a business; however, you want to know what is the appropriate steps to start.

Before you legitimize your business, please consider these two non-negotiable questions and preliminary steps:

  1. Do I have a Corporate leased address to keep my address anonymous?

  2. Have I hired my registered agent to maintain anonymity in the business?

If you cannot answer Yes to both questions, do not proceed with completing your Secretary of State documentation.

Continue to read further by subscribing to learn how to achieve keeping your home address anonymous without having to Google or YouTube your way through structuring a legitimate business.

Should you use your home address for your business?

Your home address should never be used for business documentation.


Think of it this way, you didn’t start your LLC to ultimately tether in your personal assets.


And, using your home address would be doing just that. When you use your home address, that becomes a public record that’s attached to you and your business that you can never scrub from a government website.

Where to get a Corporate Office Lease?

How does a Corporate lease benefit me for now and in the future?

How can I change my address with the Secretary of State?

Can I delete my address from the internet once it’s been published?

If you have any questions associated with the above information, don't hesitate to email

Next up, we are going to cover the key question you may have about Registered agents, their purpose, necessity, and how to find one.

And with that, you have reached the finish line of understanding how to obtain a Corporate leased address

Would You Like Hand-Held CPA Support to Initiate These Steps?

Don't you worry! I am here by your side to help you navigate the complexities to help you

Activate Wealth. Slash Taxes. Preserve Legacy™

Below you will find the list of resources for you to refer back to as you open new businesses now or in the future.

Please expect that this list of resources on the Wealthmas™ List will grow as additional questions come in from you. If you have a question, feel free to submit it by clicking this link.

Or, if you have 1 question that needs customizable support, then book our signature CPA chat below to get immediate support.

*** Should you book a CPA Chat, all services are delivered by a third party and qualified CPA through The Money Council®

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