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4 Tips to Boost Predictable Revenue With Cultural Events for Beauty and Boutique Entrepreneurs

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I ran across an amazing, well-crafted article, written by Vagaro that did a recent study between consumers and beauty professionals.

While 40% of consumers traveled for the Beyoncé and Taylor concerts, 33% of the business owners felt the impact in increased sales …

And while the article was limited to Beauty professionals, this trend more than likely crosses over to retail e-commerce providers that are specialized in owning boutiques.

Now, I can’t confirm or deny these survey results. here are 4 revenue tips for Beauty Entrepreneurs to make more predictable revenue and profit.

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Implement these

4 Revenue Tips

from a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for Beauty and Service Entrepreneurs.

Move away from cash only and begin using a Client Management systems to measure service trends and to automate client request.

The reality is, when you accept cash, you can never play offense. Using a client management system allows you to capture data to get off of the defensive line of hustling!

Incorporate or update your intake forms for market research.

Create a client experience tailored around the cultural event or concert.

Update your product hierarchy in your accounting system to track results.

Let's keep this article short and Suite ... get it?

All in all, while boosting predictable revenue will keep you from going out of business … this 4-step process will help you measure results and your long-term business health.

Vagaro, thanks for a thorough article which can be viewed here.

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