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Learn To Simplify Your Finances

... and boost your profit by keeping your hard-earned money organized with a digital suite of resources for less than your monthly Starbucks Budget!







Learn How To Make Your Money Work For You, Easily!

It’s official! Now that all the legal processes and paperwork have been completed to form your dream business, it’s time to embrace your newly earned title as CEO. But before you cash in

your bragging rights, you must add some entrepreneurial electives to your transcript.


However, we know that one roadblock is holding you back from getting comfortable with your new position - your mindset, which freezes at the thought of understanding the money that feeds your business and your family.


That’s where the DigiSuite Council™ comes in as your virtual finance school, ready to equip you with the tools, resources, and community to unfreeze your mindset around money and become a money master with the finances that operate your business and life.

Your Money Mastery Starts Here ...

... by following our curriculum that's jam-packed with learning programs and four collaboration opportunities that will have you feeling in control of your finances in no time.



Learn industry secrets guaranteed to secure funding you need to scale your biz


Easy-to-follow and self-paced education you desire to grow your bank account & save taxes


FREE and paid access to journals, money planners, and e-books to give you the 1's and 2's about taxes


An unmatched council of experts to help propel you from solo to CEO, PRONTO!

Why choose us?

DigiSuite Council™  is comprised of experts with decades of experience in the accounting and finance fields who are ready to spill it all ensuring your success as a beauty CEO. We will equip you with a toolkit you need to become a pro CEO in your zone of genius. Get your briefcase ready because our digital finance and Beauty CEO school is here to transform you from an over-worked business owner to an in-control boss prepared to master your money with ease.  


Rescue Tools



Community Building

Ready To Join Along Other Brands

Will you be apart of our Alumni Hall of Fame? Join DigiSuite Council™, our inclusive Finance Academy, to become one of our Successful Graduates!

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Stimulate Your Money Mindset with DigiSuite Council!

Break free from your limiting money beliefs and elevate your financial mindset inside our digital suite of accounting, tax, and finance portal.

That's right! You can level up along your financial journey for LESS THAN a monthly facial at a SPA.

  • DigiSuite Council

    Every month
    CEO Mastery in Minutes!
     1 day free trial
    • 2 Tax Planning Consultations ($720 Value)
    • Qrtrly. Tax Halls Consults to dissect Q&A ($3,000 Value)
    • LEAP Access (see FAQs), while seats last (Unlimited Value)
    • How To Guides to boost your DIY bookkeeping skills and more
    • Pre-recorded demos to help you use How To Guides properly
    • Customizable calculators to fine-tune your CEO plans

No refunds for subscriptions as immediate access is granted

Hear From The Current CEO Scholars ...

"The only [company] who can tell me what the numbers are and I'll swipe my card willingly ."

C. Hayes

Elite Estheticians

"With prime professionalism at all times, they take the time to understand their customers' needs and proves through their excellent work that they have their backs."

K. Young,

Kyra's Shea Medleys

"They are extremely transparent and that is exactly what I need! I'm so glad I have them on my team and will continue to work with them as long as I'm in business!"

K. Lymon,
Kesha Beauty Supply

Ready to Grow Your Wealth With Our
#1 Accounting and Finance
School For Emerging CEOs?

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