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Learn Tried & True Strategies That Will Keep More Money in Your Bank And Less In The Hands of The IRS

By mastering your small business finances with easy-to-implement virtual coaching, digital courses and resources inside of our budget and business-friendly platform.

Why choose
DigiSuite Council ?


The biggest roadblock we hear from professional service professionals is "I made all this money, but I still cannot buy my dream house!"


The second biggest concern we hear from Self-Care Artists is, "I purchased this new laser removal machine; however, I'm spending more to keep it than the revenue I'm earning!" 

Wouldn't you like to know what is causing these "leaks" in your small business?

Well that's where our Digital Suite of resources come in! We offer a Budget-Friendly platform for you to have the tools you need to manage your money without the overwhelm of you having to figure it all out by your self. 

At the fraction of what it would cost you to obtain VIP CPA services.


Rescue Tools



Community Building

Nails with Friends

Your Journey to Build Personal Wealth & Business Legacy Starts Here





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You're Not Alone

Googling or ChatGPTing your way to wealth is not sustainable. Quite frankly, financial mistakes can cost you a fortune and your business, or force bankruptcy!

Why risk it all?

Instead, attach yourself to a community led by a Small Business CPA that knows the nuances of legacy building.

At a fraction of the cost ...

A group coaching framework allows us to serve many while you reap the savings!


And worry less ... 

The last thing you need is for the IRS to spin the block on your business. Do your accounting right, with support and never worry again.

Ready To Join Other
Business Founders

Will you be apart of our Alumni Hall of Fame? Join DigiSuite Council®, our inclusive Finance Academy, to learn to pay yourself a six-figure salary - consistently - and early retirement strategies!

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Wealth Activation
Starts With Briendly™

The Business-Friendly and Budget-Friendly community platform enabled by DigiSuite Council®: Pick from two options!

Hear From The Past Scholars ...

"The only [company] who can tell me what the numbers are and I'll swipe my card willingly ."

C. Hayes

Elite Estheticians

"With prime professionalism at all times, they take the time to understand their customers' needs and proves through their excellent work that they have their backs."

K. Young,

Kyra's Shea Medleys

"They are extremely transparent and that is exactly what I need! I'm so glad I have them on my team and will continue to work with them as long as I'm in business!"

K. Lymon,
Kesha Beauty Supply

  • BRIENDLY™ 1.0

    Budget-Friendly DIY Platform To Master Your Finances
    • 1 Year End CPA moderated Bookkeeping Session
    • 4 Digital Resources for Tax Season
    • Early, Unlimited Access to all Briendly™ Courses
    • Private Access to Curated Blogs from a Beauty Industry CPA

***No refunds for subscriptions as immediate access is granted***

Resources Through Our Business Literacy Curriculum for Business Founders

The future of Money Counseling for Small Business Founders is here. Break free from limiting money beliefs and elevate your financial mindset inside our community-based learning platform - Briendly™.

That's right! Get business-friendly advice delivered periodically to help you build the business foundation needed to activate wealth and scale your business for generations to come!

Earn Cash Back With
Resources Through Our Partnership Program For
Business Communities

The future of Coaching Partnerships for Business Founders with communities is here. 

Leave the Money Counseling to the experts! While you help your entrepreneurs learn how to make money, we come in and provide the framework on how to keep it through our ASP Curriculum!

We will offer our signature "Plan Your 6-Figure Profit Year" and allow you to invite your community to Briendly™ with our exclusive partnership program!


    Every 3 months
    +$2,497 Speaker Engagement Fee
    Perfect for Business Coaches for agencies ready to transform agency owners into legacy builders!
    • Unrestricted access to course catalog in a self-paced format
    • 2 Sessions of CPA Instruction for Your Scholar Community
    • 10 FREE Tickets For 1 Spanancial Wellness™ Retreat
    • 25% off a-la-cart resources for community (must use code)
    • 10% net cash back (rules apply) for passes sold

***No refunds for subscriptions as immediate access is granted***

  • Does DigiSuite Council® offer payment plans?
    Yes, on all fronts until we move to a quarterly subscription model. Until, then .. Sezzle and Affirm are both available to pay in 4!
  • Is DigiSuite Council® and Briendly™ Right for me: Can I enroll if I've been business for more than 1 year?
    While the CEO Finance School is catering to start-up Beauty Founders, it does not mean that your are prohibited from joining if you've been in business for more than one year. DigiSuite Council® is right for beauty founders that have been in business for less than 5 years and have not had a pleasure of working with an Accountant or CPA yet. It's also created for the Beauty Founder that has not reached $100,000 in profit.
  • What's the difference between DigiSuite Council® and Briendly™?
    DigiSuite Council® is the school where we deliver unlimited access to a digital suite of resources through Briendly™ - The learning platform. The curriculum is three-fold which contains courses where you can either pay for a subscription for unlimited access, rent out specific modules, and obtain access to a community or specific tutoring sessions.
  • Is my one-time investment or service fee refundable?
    No. We are on the brink of something HUGE! Your start-up gives you immediate access to - CPA-level consultations - Quarterly Townhalls - Business Foundation Training through our step-by-step course for you to DIY your S-Corp the right way.
  • Do you offer discounts if I refer a friend to DigiSuite Council®?
    We are offering a cash back program to Beauty coaches that trust our curriculum! If you have a beauty community of your own, this is your opportunity to bring in CPA-developed content to help your beauty founders boss up to wealth! Explore our Briendly™ For Coaches plan to start earning cash back! Only choose this plan if you have a beauty community focused on up-leveling both top and bottom line numbers without giving most of it away to Uncle Sam!
  • Can I cancel my membership?
    Yes, you can cancel at anytime; however, please note that all benefits cease immediately upon cancelation and there will be no partial refunds given.

Ready to Activate Your Wealth Through Our Online Learning Community For Business Founders?

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